The rural heart of Australia is broken!  It started with the live export ban.  Then came floods, fires, low beef prices and now four years of severe drought devastating our land.  Crippling debt has economically ruined many farms and stations.  And it's breaking apart rural communities.  Children cannot receive education as their families can no longer afford boarding schools and internet on the farm is poor.  Medical or dental treatment is poor to non-existent in many regions.  Trade training is a thing of the past!  Life's tough in the bush!

"Queensland produces over 66% of Australia's cattle.  And yet 86% of the State is in drought, with 36 regional councils in drought-declared areas.  The rural heart is economically and emotionally broken ... and our mission is restoration!"


  1. Australian Horizons Foundation raises funds with Multiple Fundraising Pillars, as Corporate Sponsorships, Individual Donations, Donations-upon-Checkout at hotels, VIP Fundraising Events, Sporting Events, Art Unions, Service Clubs ... and more! The Fundraising Committee overseers these activities.
  2. Funds are distributed by the Funds Distribution Committee, made up of highly experience people who have undergone extensive background checks, to maintain crystal-clear transparency. This Committee accepts applications for assistance, and also distributes funds according to the Constitution and identified needs, projects and regions that need urgent attention. It reports to the Finance and Audit Committee, made up of two CFO's and other financially competent individuals.
  3. And the charity is overseered by a Board, which manages the governance issues and the Committees.
  4. Undergirding the charity is engagement of Alliance Partners, being various social organisations and associations that work together with us to help expand our reach and cater to as many needs as possible.