Our team are made up of hand-picked people, because it is imperative that in a charity only those who have a heart for helping others should be engaged.  It's not simply about transparency, good corporate governance, financial oversight and impeccable backgrounds, but about engaging the right people with the best skills and the ability to work as a team towards our goals.  We believe we have such a team!

Yet as the Foundation grows we seek highly experienced, skilled people who have solid fundraising, marketing, management and charity backgrounds.  The Foundation undertakes extensive background checks to guarantee we engage the best.   You are invited to apply for positions with us, if you believe you can add value and help grow the Foundation.

"Here's some of our Team Members, who are all committed to help our rural communities restore and thrive.  Feel free to call any of them to learn more."

Neill Newton



Neill has spent some 26 years overseas, based in the USA for 11, Scotland and then the last 10 in China.  He functioned as a business consultant undertaking corporate reengineering for his clients, business author and keynote speaker.  He also founded a humanitarian medical charity based in Macau SAR.  In returning to Australia in 2014, he has taken the reigns of the Foundation in leading the team to reach new heights in order to help our rural communities.  You can view his background here

Norelle Ryan

Norelle RYAN

Corporate Services Director

Norelle was raised in the Gulf region on cattle stations and understands the needs of the communities.  She has impeccable skills in corporate governance, human resources and administration, and also serves as the Company Secretary and Workplace Health & Safety officer.  She streamlines the administration of the Foundation, making the roles of Board members and staff much easier.

Federico Vanni

Federico VANNI

Creative Manager

Federico heads up StudioX Creative, a subsidiary of the Foundation.  He puts the public face to the charity and overseers all the design work, along with liaison with sponsors, Alliance Partners and the media.  Without Federico, the Foundation would be hidden from view and unable to reach its targets.  He was trained in Florence, Italy before migrating to Australia, and is a highly skilled designer, photographer and digital marketer.