Our Board is a skills based entity, made up of Directors as per the Constitution.  This means people who have strong and proven backgrounds in either fundraising, marketing, finance, grant funding, rural needs, charity and business.

We welcome application from people with similar skills, to be considered for the roles of Non-Executive Directors, so that this Foundation has a broad representation, to enable it to address many of the challenges facing rural Australia.


Meet our Board members




John has many years on the Board of the charity.  He owns Hounfels cattle station near Georgetown and has a long, content-rich history in the Gulf region, with much expertise in cattle producing.

He understands the challenges facing that industry and also Australia's rural regions, along with the many challenges facing Australia's primary producers.

John has a huge heart for helping the rural communities and helping restore their rightful place in Australia's future.


Joe Lockyer


Joe is a successful and highly respected business man in rural Australia, creating, building and operating Bedrock Village, (with his wife, also know as Jo) ... a caravan and hospitality venue in Queensland.

He has many years experience at Board level and has a deep understanding of the challenges facing Australia's remote regions.

Joe also has a big humanitarian heart and travels regularly to SE Asia, digging wells and helping with infrastructure in places like Cambodia.



Penny Johnson


Penny has many years experience on the Board.  She was the former Deputy Mayor of Cooktown in Queensland and with such roles she has much experience in governmental, constitutional and foundation requirements, law and regulations.

Penny also has a passion for rural Australia and the challenges facing many communities and individuals.

She is also an an enthusiastic horsewoman, along with her husband and children.



Director - Secretary

Mark has a long and fruitful career in accounting, finance and the non-profit industry. He overseers the fiscal responsibility of this Foundation and liaises with our accounting  department, through to the Foundation's auditors.

Mark has his own clients in Victoria, New South Wales and of course this Foundation bases in Qld.  He does superb work at both the coal-face of the Foundation ... as well as at the Board level.





Anita Donlon is a passionate advocate for small business, small towns and our farmers.  Growing up in a small country town instilled this in her.


Neill Newton


Neill was the CEO for two years, and currently relinquishing this role in June 2018 to concentrate on his own humanitarian medical charity, based in Macau SAR with a branch being formed in Cairns to service the Sth Pacific countries.

Having lived overseas for some 26 years, operating as a consultant and business author in the USA and China, he brings an expansive set of ideas and tools to the Foundation.

He is also aligning his own Foundation to this one, to bring resources and supports, in under-girding it as it grows throughout Australia.