Australian Horizons Foundation is the national fundraising arm of Gulf Horizons Foundation.

Gulf Horizons is the non-profit organisation that was originally established in 2011. It was launched as the support base for the suffering grazing, farming and agricultural communities in the Gulf region of far north Queensland, which were overwhelmed after the live export ban, followed by devastating floods that destroyed many properties and over 350,000 head of cattle. Then fire … and then years of drought. Crippling debt and low beef prices followed; sinking many people and properties into economic ruin.

Australian Horizons is now working to grow its support base to embrace not only the Gulf region, but to rural Queensland. Education, medical, trade training, emergency relief are some of the identified needs requiring attention. Many children can no longer attend boarding college as their parents cannot afford to send them, so they stay on the farms with no means to learn. Many towns lack dentistry, optometry or even a local GP.

"It’s now tough in the bush!"

We are working to address the outcomes of the above as funds grow. The Foundation has created a Public Fund in order to develop a sizeable grants pool for maximum impact, along with initiating major and minor individual fundraising projects. And so we are working to rebuild the desperately needed resources for our grazing, farming and agricultural communities.